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Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making a Basic Skirt


  • Fabric of your choice (around 2-3 yards depending on your size and the width of your fabric)
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Elastic (1 inch wide, cut to your waist measurement)
  • Safety pin

Step 1

Measurements Measure your waist and hips, and choose a skirt pattern that will fit those measurements. Add seam allowance to your pattern pieces.

Step 2

Cutting Cut out your fabric pieces according to your pattern. Be sure to lay out your fabric on a flat surface and use a ruler or straight edge to ensure that your pieces are cut straight.

Step 3

Sewing the side seams With right sides together, sew the side seams of the skirt, using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Press the seams open.

Step 4

Hem the bottom of the skirt Fold the bottom of the skirt up 1/2 inch and press, then fold it up again 1 inch and press. Stitch close to the folded edge to create a hem.

Step 5

Add elastic waistband Measure your waist and cut a piece of elastic to that measurement. Overlap the two ends of the elastic by 1/2 inch, and sew them together.


Step 6

Attach elastic to the waist With the right side of the elastic facing the right side of the waistline, sew the elastic to the waistline, stretching it slightly as you sew to ensure a snug fit

Step 7

Finish the waist Fold the waistline over the elastic, encasing it, and sew along the edge of the fold to complete the waistband.

Step 8

Try it on Try on the skirt to make sure it fits and make any necessary adjustments.

And you're done! Your basic skirt is ready to wear. You can customize this tutorial by adding pockets, zippers, or other embellishments to make it more unique.

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